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uDAD Oscilloscope waveforms

1. triangel (foldad sågtand)

2. furkant (udda harmonier)

3. sågkant

4. sågtand (jämna harmonier)

5. en mystisk kurva

6. sinus

7. sinustand

8. boll

09. foldad boll

10. snygg, men knastrig

11. nåt foldat

12. mer folds

13. max folds

14. också snygg men också knastrig


I really needed a good test bench for troubleshooting modules.. The only tool I've had so far has been a cheap multimeter, and that doesn't really cut it when it comes to calibrating V/oct or figuring out why some clock sources fail to trigger certain modules...

Essentially it's just a MFOS wall-wart dual power supply, a stripboard with some terminal blocks and headers for easy power hook-up, and a Xmega Xprotolab (a breadboard friendly 2ch oscilloscope, function generator and an 8ch logic analyser / protocol sniffer). The inputs of the oscilloscope are good for up to +/-30V, which is fine, since maximum voltage levels in my modular system is +/-12V. The function generator on the other hand outputs +/-2V (4Vpp), so it had to be amplified to allow for full CV range of 10Vpp.

Also mounted on the board are two potentiometers. One is for an adjustable CV output, the other for adjusting the gain of the function generator.

So, now I might finally be able to properly debug my modular... :)

MethLab Prototype 1

Does it work?

Seamoss Logic Mate

I had some stripboard leftovers and some wrongfully ordered components laying around. So I decided to recycle them into some kind of buzzing, blippy and blinking gizmo.

The result is a gadget with four 4093 NAND gate oscillators, a 4017 decade counter + 4051 multiplexer combo to make melodies and rythmns, and a 4046 PLL to spice up the sound with pitch-tracking. Without the PLL, everything sounds lame.

All I/O-pins have headers for easy(?) patching of sounds, using little wires. Three LDRs can (with some tweaking and good luck) be used to pause the three clock-speed oscillators, or to bend their rate slightly. Also connected to the clock-speed oscillators are three LEDs, which can be used to either modulate the other oscillators, or to modulate other devices.

Melodies are generated by patching and setting the rates of the oscillators. Overall pitch is controlled with potentiometer. Glide is also sort of controllable. Certain connections with the PLL create sync and ring modulation effects.

Needless to say, it's very hard to use, doesn't play in tune and is overall pretty useless. But it's recycled leftovers, so it's all good...

This is how it sounds:
Seamoss Logic Mate.

Modular progresss, Stage Three

This week I've built a couple new modules:
2 channel ribbon controller interface (position and force/velocity) with sample and hold, gate and trig out with variable glide and threshold.
Multi Rescale 1 (or 2) input -> (2 or) 4 outputs, with variable level and offset for each output. Inspired by the Rescale module in Blok Modular.
Super Psycho Modulation Source, by Ken Stone. Six square wave oscillators, switchable ranges and waveforms. Could be used for modulation, percussion and drones.
Wavefolder with voltage controlled folding. Makes really nice FM-sounding timbres out of sine waves or twists CV's. Circuit from Yusynth.
Battery Acid. I was looking for a circuit to build around two germanium diodes and found this little circuit. I didn't have any single opamps, so instead I used a dual and wired up the second buffer in some strange way (two red LED's were involved some way). That mod added some quirky, rectified, superdist, which might be useful sometime... I also added a switch to connect or disconnect the LED's and also a 10k pot to mix between two points in the circuit.

They're not 100% done yet, but are 100% functional...

Tales from the breadboard

I recently discovered the wonderful derivative works of Stanley Lunetta. After some time scouring the lunetta forum sub section of electro-music.com, I found two nice little schematics by Phobos. First was a dead simple x4046 PLL VCO. It has the distinctive feature of also beeing able to track pitch, as a PLL does.. It produces very nice, self-modulating sounds. Second schematic that caught my attention was the 4017-4051 melody generator. Basically it's a decade counter dividing frequencies, controlled by a multiplexer, which is controlled by the step count of the 4017 (iirc). Also incredibly simple: 1x 4017 decade counter, 1x 4051 multiplexer.

Right now, the oscillator section with 40106 is mounted on stripboard. It's connected to 3 leds and 3 ldrs in a modular fashion. The 4046 is yet to be integrated. I found some salvaged playstation buttons in a cardboard box. Could be used for gating four oscillators and keeping two oscillators in lfo-mode. 6 100k trimpots are also avaliable for some additional bending... Osc Pitch? Osc Level? Tri/Square mix? Hmmm... We'll see...

Some of the stuff it played:
And some foot-age:

Shruthibox Completed!

Another project completed! I started building on this case for my Shruthi about a year ago. The 3D-modelling and CNC-milling took about ~8 hours and 12 hours respectively, then it spent almost a year in a cardboard box for no reason... But now it's all sanded and shiny!


I've collected some of my more ambient and chill songs in a little playlist for easy access: ChillSessions.m3u.
Just click link and open with media player.

Niue Stuf

Wow.. Seven months since last post.. Oh, how time flies.

New modules:808 Bass Drum - Built on 3mm plywood with a grid of lasercut holes, 2.54mm. Fun to build, but not the most stable construction. Sounds like a real 808 kick, in other words, poweful...

And: Clock Divider - built from Ken Stone's schematics. Works as expected. Divides an incoming clock signal by 1/1 to 1/8.

Unfortunatly, no funds for further building at the moment. Construction will continue in 2013.

Construction complete

Well, it took me a wee bit longer than I expected, but now it's finally done! I'm talking of course of the Quad Logic Gate!

The circuit is a modified version of Ken Stone's Quad Logic Gate.

I added switches for selecting between two different logic chips, currently I'm using an AND-gate and an OR-gate (labels say NAND and NOR, but I didn't really see any point in inverting the outputs), and switches for cascading the output of one gate to the second input of the next gate.

All in all it seems to be working perfectly!
Now I just need more clock sources :)

Many thanks to STG, the lord of Logic ;)

Modular ... Progress

So I've been keeping myself busy during the last few weeks, building my very own modular synthesnajser!
So far I've built all the PCB's from MFOS that I bought. and every single one works perfect!

In the rack at the moment I have: MFOS VC LFO, MFOS Dual AR-Generator, MFOS Dual Log/Lin VCA, MFOS Noise Cornucopia, MFOS 24dB LowPass VCF, MFOS State Variable VCF, MFOS 16-Step Sequencer and a semi-functioning MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth.

I've also built a passive splitter/attenuator (will be rebuilt to the active variant, with scaling and offset) and breadboarded a Quad Logic Gate (CGS design).

Next step is to build some kind of case for it. I have a few ideas that I'm working on. My goal is to make it both sturdy and lightweight enough for travelling.

And, of course I need to build more modules... :)

For some sound examples, check out the musics section!

Stardate 65695.5

Woke up at noon. Glanced outside. Noticed that the trees were all still. A day like any other. Special in some ways, the same in most other. This day was intented for fractals, mysteries and deep thought.


Hey! I didn't know Dropbox worked as a host for web content :)
Guess it does... Well Sorta.. %#&¤&¤#


More stuff added to Visuals. It's funny how you forget how much stuff you've made until you try putting it all in one place...

Adding Content

I'll be adding old content for a while...
I have a few years worth of material to sift :)

Not so much stuff in the visuals folder yet, but the musics are starting to look nice.
So, feel free to browse the Music Archive!

Uh, Hello

Gah, just spent the whole night expanding and collapsing accordions.
So, maybe, perhaps now it's finished?

Basically, I wanted a portfolio of sorts..
A simple way to dump new stuff and display it in a semi-fancy way.
So, I took a bunch of code-snippets from previous projects and it became this.

When something interesting happens, maybe I'll write about it here.
When I render a piece of music or some graphics, maybe it'll end up here...